Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Dances

We started practicing the dances for our play. I know it´s really soon to start, but if you practice, you´ll become a master.
During this vacation, be sure to practice everyday.

Cheerleader B Group

Hey Mamma Group A

Stitches A Group

What is Love Group B

I Have A Feeling B Group

Beautiful Creatures 1 Both groups

Beautiful Creatures 2 both Groups

Beautiful Creatures Lyrics

The Forgiveness Group A

Lean On Group B

Sorry A Group

What do you mean? A Group

Worth it B Group

Roberto´s Song ( Luka)

Learn the lyrics of this song, please.

Amazon Untamed Both Groups

These are some movie clips where you can listen to some dialogues to practice your pronunciation and intonation.
Movie Clips
Movie Clip
Movie Clip


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